Luxurious huge flower bouquet "Luxe Blossom"

Embrace the epitome of elegance with our enchanting huge bouquet, a lavish arrangement that captures the essence of sophistication and beauty. This opulent creation features a stunning combination of luxurious pink and white flowers, meticulously curated to evoke a sense of romance and refinement.

SIZE: 70 x 80 cm

Whether it's a celebration of love, a special occasion, or a gesture of appreciation, this huge bouquet is a breathtaking expression of luxury and style. Elevate any moment with the sheer opulence and timeless beauty of this magnificent floral masterpiece.

The displayed image is for reference only. The individual arrangement is an exclusive handcrafted design. We use only the freshest seasonal flowers for it. The final product may not exactly match the picture.

Type of flowers: Roses

Type of flowers: Orchids

Type of flowers: Tulips

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