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Condolence bouquet — more than words

When a loved one leaves us, one of our main regrets is all those words that we did not say and feelings that we did not share while he was alive. This regret can be very painful and difficult.

To ease the weight of this regret, we strive to express all these words and feelings in action. We organize an honorable farewell to a person, paying tribute to his merits and remembering his uniqueness, exclusivity, and importance for us. The farewell ceremony helps us somehow let go of the guilt that inevitably comes to rest.

Therefore, it is natural to strive to make this ceremony as beautiful, sublime, and noble as possible. And one of the ways to create this effect is fresh flowers.
At Floral Dreams, we will provide you with all kinds of help and support. We will promptly deliver the condolence bouquet to the address and pass it on to the addressee with all due respect.

Condolence flower bouquet as a symbol of our feelings

Flowers turn into conductors of our feelings at various times — both joyful and challenging. They can convey our emotions when we do not find words for them. Therefore, we invariably use them in times of sorrow.

The beauty of flowers conveys the spiritual beauty of the person who left us, his nobility and generosity.

The ability of flowers to wither emphasizes that we regret the untimely death of the deceased. The fact that the flowering of his life ended so early when we had not yet had time to say and do everything that he was worthy of.

The fragrance of flowers, tangible but invisible, reflects that even if this person is no longer with us, we cannot see him or touch him; his memory will always be with us, hovering in our thoughts with a light haze.

Condolence bouquet Singapore — how to choose flowers

Traditionally in Singapore, white flowers are used for the farewell ceremony. White color is a symbol of purity, innocence, and rest. It is also a color that symbolizes peace, including peace with yourself.

  • White chrysanthemums in many Asian countries symbolize the end of life. In other cultures, they are interpreted as a symbol of fidelity and affection. In any of these meanings, they will be appropriate as funeral flowers.
  • White lilies are a symbol of innocence and rebirth. They help express the hope that breaks through the grief that has gripped us.
  • White roses convey our sincere love, affection, and tenderness. With their help, we can share the respect and reverence we feel for the deceased.
  • White orchids are highly revered in Singapore. Therefore, they have become traditional condolence bouquet flowers. Their beauty perfectly emphasizes the solemnity and spirituality of the moment.
  • White carnations are a symbol of consolation and reassurance. This meaning is significant because it is valuable not only how much grief captures us at the moment of loss. What is valuable is that later, we will remember the person and appreciate this memory when it subsides.

If you do not want to use only white colors, it will be appropriate to complement it with pastel, muted shades. For men, cold tones are traditionally chosen; for women — warm. An exception may be burgundy and rich red flowers, which are used as a symbol of all-consuming love.
As a green decor, plants of restrained dark coniferous shades are chosen.

Sympathy flowers bouquet

Each of us has moments when we cannot find words to express our emotions. We have moments when many thoughts are in the head, but we cannot find the correct formulation. And the on-duty phrases seem empty and impersonal.

One such difficult moment is when we try to support someone who has just lost a loved one. How can we express all our sympathy? How to support someone who is overwhelmed by deep grief?

And here, flowers come to the rescue. Their silent expressiveness embodies our support and sympathy. Yes, and often it is easier for many to write their thoughts, adding them as a condolence message for flowers, than orally. It's natural and nothing to be ashamed of. Therefore, many people order condolences flower delivery in Singapore to express their condolences to the relatives of the deceased.

For such a bouquet, it is also preferable to choose white flowers. Lilies and carnations are best suited. They are the best symbol of your support, participation, and desire to console.
Light pink flowers will also be appropriate. They will express your friendly feelings, sincere affection. Especially flowers of this shade will be suitable if you and the deceased's family have a close relationship.

No less often, yellow flowers are used in bouquets to express condolences. They symbolize renewal and hope — emotions that would not be out of place to remind the deceased's family members.
Bouquets of blue flowers are much less common. They are usually used when a man has passed away since blue is a cold color.

It is also rather extravagant but quite appropriate to send a black roses bouquet. In European culture, black is invariably associated with death.

Flower Dreams is a place where you can pick up a bouquet that will help you express your emotions in any situation, even a difficult one. Here you have every opportunity to show your respect to the deceased, honor his memory, and support his loved ones.