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Easter bouquets and flower arrangements

Easter holiday is light, bright, spring, family. People prepare for this day in advance, thinking out all the pleasant festive details to the last one — what to serve, whom to invite to visit, how to decorate the house. For Easter, the tradition of indoor decorating allows you to make it elegant and cozy as if refreshed after the winter period.

One of the essential home decorations for Easter is fresh flowers. Indeed, globally, this holiday symbolizes the rebirth of life and the awakening of nature. You can buy flower boxes, baskets, and flower arrangements and arrange them throughout the house, adding a picturesque holiday beauty to every room.

A flower basket or a designer Easter arrangement is also a great gift. You can present such a present to your loved ones or one of your colleagues. A small bouquet of Easter flowers will be a pleasant way to express gratitude to the doctor, teacher, dentist.

Easter flower arrangements — the best flowers

It is customary to decorate the interior for Easter with seasonal flowers. After all, they signify the arrival of spring in many ways. An Easter arrangement with spring flowers will symbolize new beginnings, renewal, and rebirth.

One of the most traditional flowers for compositions is the Easter lily. Initially, a white lily was considered an Easter lily. It has a special spiritual meaning. This flower is repeatedly mentioned in the Bible, symbolizing purity, rebirth, new beginnings, and hope. Often it is associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which fell on Easter. In pre-Christian traditions, the Easter lily is associated with motherhood and is often presented to mothers as a token of gratitude. In many cultures, white lilies are considered the personification of purity and grace.
For Easter bouquets, not only white lilies can be appropriate. Yellow, light pink, pastel orange — any delicate and bright shades that can cheer you up and decorate the interior.

Another suitable and popular spring flower for Easter arrangements is the tulip. This exquisite symbol of spring is wonderful in that you can create a variety of compositions with it. For example, you can give someone a small Easter bouquet of tulips as a gift. Or you can buy a lush basket of tulips to put in the center of the festive table for Easter when the whole family gathers for dinner.
For Easter compositions, tulips of any pastel shades are suitable — golden yellow, pale purple, light, and bright pink. Tulips with gradient colors will look very beautiful — yellow-pink, pink-orange, etc.

Daisies also look great in Easter compositions. Purple daisies are especially popular. These flowers are simpler and more naive than noble tulips and luxurious lilies. But it is precisely their simplicity that so clearly emphasizes all the ingenuity and openness of the Easter holiday. It is the day when we open our hearts to joy and renewal. And the daisy flower is fully opened towards the sun.

The color scheme for Easter flower arrangements

Traditionally, flower arrangements for Easter are performed in delicate but bright colors. It is customary to have at least two different flowers in a bouquet — this way, and it looks more elegant and festive.

The most popular tones are yellow, pale orange, lilac, light pink, and deep pink. Also, in Singapore, you can find Easter bouquets and baskets with bright orange or even red splashes — a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

Also, many foliages of juicy and bright shades are often used in Easter bouquets. So that even in the atmosphere of a big city everyone can touch the natural beauty of young greenery.

Easter arrangements delivery in Singapore

With Floral Dreams, each client can feel like an Easter bunny. Surprise your loved ones by ordering a charming Easter bouquet with delivery. Add warm words to it on a note — and you will create a small Easter miracle. A miracle of a good mood and smile.

You can order original hand-made compositions from us to create a festive interior for Easter. Small baskets and bouquets are suitable for decorating bedside tables and tables. And lush Easter flower centerpieces will become a worthy decoration of the festive table.

You can complement your order with cheerful balloons and the most delicate macaroons for an even more joyful holiday mood. These sweets melt on the tongue like Easter eggs — crispy outside, soft inside, and at the same time, there are a lot of different shades.

All compositions are made only from fresh flowers and greenery!