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A beautiful bouquet of flowers for Birthday

Birthday is an important holiday for each of us. And even as we get older, birthday remains an important date that we want to spend in a special way.

Therefore, we all try to make the date of birth of a loved one a festive and joyful day. We choose gifts that will bring a good mood. We select the words of wishes. We strive to be close and surround our close people with warmth, love, and care.

Traditionally, it is customary to present a flower arrangement in addition to the main birthday present. It can be a bouquet, a box, or a basket of flowers. Such a present emphasizes the uniqueness of the date, its emotional beauty. A birthday bouquet can be delivered in person — but no less beautiful gesture of birthday flower bouquet delivery, especially if you are far away and do not have time to arrive at the birthday person on time.

General rules for choosing a birthday bouquet

  • Birthday is a personal holiday. Try to choose a bouquet that reflects the birthday person's personality, if you know him well enough. This may apply not only to the choice of flowers but also to the decorative finish of the composition.
  • Don't neglect the opportunity to impress. If your primary gift is quite expensive, match it with the appropriate luxury birthday flower bouquet. It will double the value of the present.
  • You are not giving just a set of flowers. It is a birthday wishes bouquet, so do not forget to write these wishes on the card attached to the bouquet. This gesture will make the gift more memorable.

Bouquet for a woman's birthday

There are specific rules of good taste in the selection of flowers and shades for a bouquet for the birthday of the gentle sex. First of all, there is some correlation between hue saturation to age.
So, for example, it is preferable to give a bouquet in light, delicate shades to a little girl or a very young teenager. It can be pale pink, light lilac, pastel yellow flowers. Also, as a rule, in bouquets for little birthday girls, it is customary to avoid large buds, preferring smaller and delicate inflorescences — hydrangeas or a baby breathe flower. An exception can be sunflower bouquets birthday — their large inflorescences are appropriate as a gift even for the smallest birthday girls.

You can give older girls and young women brighter flowers, or you can add more vivid large buds to the bouquets of the previous plan — for example, tulips, roses, peonies.

Adult women are presented with flowers and bouquets of rich colors: orange, red, juicy pink, bright yellow, deep purple.

Naturally, all these rules and traditions can be violated if you are close to the birthday girl and know her tastes very well — for example, a birthday bouquet for mom. If your mom is crazy about light, almost white flowers, you don't have to pick up a bouquet of red roses for her. The same goes for close friends, sisters, daughters. The rules described above are more suitable for distant relatives, relatives of a husband or wife, cousins.

Bouquets are usually selected in relatively neutral colors for female colleagues and bosses, avoiding too dark or white shades. The optimal color for the boss's bouquet is orange. Orange symbolizes success, independence, creativity.

As for colleagues, girls can give each other bouquets of almost any shade. For guys, it is better to avoid presenting bouquets with red or pink flowers to their female colleagues. It can be misunderstood and taken as a hint of flirting. Give your impression of preference to beige, yellow, lilac, blue shades.

Bouquet for men's birthday

For men, such a sign of attention as a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a birthday won't be less pleasant than for women. It's just that picking flowers for him is sometimes even more complicated than with gentle sex.

It will be optimal to preference dark shades — blue, purple, red, black. It is possible to dilute with light beige and yellow flowers to make a visually lighter and fresher bouquet for a man.

Also, a universal birthday bouquet in Singapore will be a composition of sunflowers. These flowers, symbolizing optimism, success, and love of life, will be an excellent gift for men and women.
When composing a birthday bouquet for a man, the decorativeness of green additions, twigs, and similar details should not be underestimated. They will help brighten the composition without making it too colorful and feminine.

Bouquet for coming of age

Although every birthday is a significant event, coming of age is still the most important day. A birthday flower bouquet must be unique on this date — bright, elegant, beautiful, and luxurious.
The composition should include orange flowers — they symbolize success and prosperity. Orange tulips or roses will be equally appropriate for the 21st birthday bouquet for him and her.

In general, give preference to lush and cheerful colors, especially for guys. The 21st birthday bouquet for her can be more delicate and pastel — many girls at this age like soft, restrained colors.

The main thing is that the bouquet should correspond to the scale of the event — after all, for a young person, this is the first step into a new life, to new horizons. And every detail of this day should be remembered only in the most positive way.