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A flower basket is one of the most classic and traditional ways to decorate a flower arrangement. Previously, both professional florists and young girls went for flowers with baskets. It was the most convenient way to accommodate many flowers without crushing them or damaging the stems. In addition, it was convenient to put the basket while cutting the plants.

Flower baskets have also been used for decorative purposes to save this naturalness. People used baskets with freshly cut flowers to decorate wealthy houses — they were placed on balconies, staircases, and special stands in rooms. Instead of bouquets in our usual form, people often presented flowers in baskets.
Later, the fashion for vases came, bouquets began to be presented in paper cones, and flower baskets became rather well-forgotten classics. But now that more and more people are interested in natural, sustainable design solutions, flower basket in Singapore has become popular again.

And if you want to learn how to create flower compositions in baskets by yourself, welcome to our workshop!

Who will benefit from our lessons?

Frankly speaking, we love flowers so much that we cannot imagine a person who would not use our knowledge unless someone is allergic to pollen.
Drawing up flower arrangements is one of the best variations of art therapy. If you are tired of urban views, offices, and business centers' interiors, our workshop will become a true refuge for you and your emotions if you want to switch from this without leaving the city.

Just imagine — a bright room in which fresh flowers, full of strength and energy, are everywhere pleasing to the eye. Their petals and leaves are filled with life, and they are cool to the touch. Touching their velvety surface, you seem to be away from the city asphalt, the concrete and glass of buildings.

And what a scent stands here! Sensual notes of rose, spicy notes of orchids. And all this is flavored with the green scent of freshly cut stems. No gasoline or exhaust fumes — only pure natural scents. Out of habit, even a little dizzy. Our studio for the sophistication and versatility of aromas will surpass any perfume.

And as a result of all this magical contact with nature — a beautiful flower basket, created by your own hands. Even if you are quite an adult, an accomplished and successful person, you will feel pride, a surge of self-confidence, and a considerable portion of a good mood.

When can the art of making a flower basket come in handy?

Always when you want to surprise and amaze with a handmade gift. Nowadays, a flower basket looks much more original and fashionable than just a flower bouquet in the usual packaging. Therefore, regardless of who you present such a gift to, it will look very presentable and original.

Everyone who loves to decorate their home with fresh flowers should learn how to make flower baskets with harmonious filling. Flower baskets can be used to decorate balconies, window sills, terraces, stairs, and so on. Once you learn how to create beautiful flower baskets, you can always decorate your interior with seasonal flowers — both grown in your own garden and purchased in the store.

Decor with flowers and flower baskets of business objects is also relevant today. Flower basket for shop opening has become almost a must in Singapore. If you have your own store, beauty salon, office, you can create decorative objects for it yourself from flowers.

The principles of organizing flower baskets can also be used for compositions in vases, potted flowers, and flower beds. It is essential to combine different flowers and add leaves and greenery to this, and it will be helpful to know the general principles of horizontal flower arrangements.

What opportunities does our workshop open for you?

  • A professional florist will train you with us. He will acquaint you with the basic principles of creating flower arrangements in baskets. You will also find out the most current trends in the field of floral art.
  • You will learn how to adapt compositions for specific situations. After all, you understand that the wedding flower basket and Mother's Day flower basket will be made up of different flowers. You will learn how to choose flowers, their shades, shape, size, and style of the basket depending on the occasion and the recipient in Floral Dreams.
  • Training takes place in a cozy studio with good lighting and comfortable furnishings. With us, you will feel relaxed and confident. To make the process as comfortable as possible, you will have drinks and snacks at your disposal.
  • All the florist's explanations are perfectly understandable for beginners. Even if you've never made bouquets before, you'll quickly grasp the essentials. No complicated explanations or boring lectures! All training is fun, interesting, and exciting.
  • After the lesson, you will have your first flower basket in your hands. You can keep it for yourself or give it to someone. In any case, seeing and feeling the result of your work is a very inspiring feeling.
Our workshop is not only a training studio. Here people communicate because they are brought by a common interest — the love of flowers. At Floral Dreams, you are sure to have a great time and perhaps find like-minded people with whom you will become good friends in the future.
What You'll Get
We are trying our best to make the process of hand-making pleasant, comfort and memorable.
  • Quality
    Your floral arrangement will stay fresh more than 7 days
  • Natural components
    We work only with fresh cut flowers.
  • Florist's Support
    Professional help and training from our florist.
  • Cozy studio
    We hope that in our nice, creative and comfortable you will be pleased
  • Coffee break with sweets
    We provide some snacks, drinks. Feel free for relaxing and feeling at home.
  • Free glass of wine for adults
    We care about our clients’ joy. Be happy and have a good time!
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