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  • When you have been in contact with flowers for many years — you touch their petals, take care of them, cut the stems — you involuntarily become imbued by special magic. Flower magic opens up many possibilities and abilities. For example, you can learn to read other people's minds a little.
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  • Beautiful, fresh, fragrant flowers that are full of vitality.
  • An original and harmonious composition — a bouquet or basket created by a master of his craft.
  • Guaranteed fast and reliable bouquet home delivery in Singapore to the addressee.
  •  A comfortable price, which allows you to delight your loved ones with the beauty of flower masterpieces often.

What makes our online bouquet delivery in Singapore special?

  • For Floral Dreams, using only the freshest and healthiest flowers for your bouquets is not a specialty. From our point of view, this is what every true florist should do. Because if you love beautiful bouquets, enjoy their creation, then you will never include a low-quality element in your creation.
    Also, we do not consider timely prompt delivery to be anything special. After all, what is the point of painstakingly working on composition if it does not fulfill its main goal later — to please your addressee?

  • Exclusive Suppliers
    We carefully select our flower suppliers and, it makes our flower delivery in Singapore special. Floral Dreams does not just work with the best suppliers — we are looking for those who can offer exclusive varieties. Thanks to that, our bouquets are distinguished by their significant beauty and exoticism.
    In addition, we know that flowers from trusted suppliers will look beautiful and fresh not only on the day the bouquet is created and received. They stand for more than one day, preserving their original splendor, pleasing the sight and smell.
  • Minimal packaging
    Another feature is that we offer you flowers, not packaging. Many modern bouquet deliveries in Singapore prefer to focus not on the flowers, but decoration. In Floral Dreams bouquets, the packaging is only an accessory. It is a detail to keep the flowers in a single bouquet. After all, the flowers that we select for the compositions are worthy of being the main accent is on the bouquet.
  • Unique compositions
    Special magic was mastered only by Floral Dreams among florists in Singapore. We create complex figures of flowers. Exclusive compositions look completely unusual and amaze the most sophisticated professionals. It is not just a bouquet, but almost a sculpture. Imagine a funny teddy bear made of flowers or a cute bunny, a graceful swan, or an elegant women's shoe. Such a gift will not leave indifferent any of the recipients.

Bouquet delivery in Singapore for any occasions

The main occasion to send flowers is almost always the same — to give the recipient the bouquet of a good mood. It can be related to any of the holidays — Christmas, Mother's Day, birthday, or any other.
You can also send a beautiful bouquet in honor of the graduation day, as an apology or to cheer up a friend in the hospital. Whenever you want to bring a smile, thank someone, make a compliment, or get somebody in the mood... Remember about flower delivery in Singapore.

Floral Dreams will offer you a wide selection of colors and compositions for every occasion or season. We always have fresh flowers with a wide variety of moods — romantic roses, positive gerberas, optimistic sunflowers, delicate hydrangeas, emotional lilies, sensual peonies, dewy tulips.

With our bouquet home delivery in Singapore, you will always find a way to convey your message through the language of flowers to any addressee — beloved, friend, parent, child, colleague.
  • Fast and free
    We offer all our customers a FREE bouquet delivery in Singapore
    for any order over $ 80

    We understand very well that a low price is an advantage. No one will refuse to buy a cheap flower bouquet in Singapore — this allows you to delight your loved ones with such gifts more often.

  • Why don't we deliver
    all the bouquets for free?
    Flowers are very fragile and delicate objects. So that they would arrive at the recipient as beautiful as we had sent them, special attention and accuracy are required. Paying for delivery, you pay not for the path of flowers but for safety.

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