What kind of flowers say I’m Sorry and when you need to know it

Each of us happens to offend another person. It doesn't always happen on purpose. We often do it out of stupidity, ignorance, or emotions. Naturally, we are very sorry that we delivered this negativity to a person.

When we realize what we have done, we want to apologize and make amends. But sometimes, it isn't very easy to take this step, for example, from shame and embarrassment. And sometimes, it is difficult for us to find words that can most fully express the degree of regret.

Also, often we realize that just words of apology are not enough. More is needed for a person to believe that we have learned our guilt, admitted it and that our apologies are heartfelt.

In all these cases, flower arrangements come to the rescue. They help us express our emotions and convey them to the addressee.

To help you choose a bouquet that will emphasize your regret about what happened, we will tell you a few secrets from the language of flowers.

Blue hydrangea in the Asian tradition

In the Asian tradition, the blue hydrangea is perhaps the most famous flower that symbolizes sincere apologies, regret, and gratitude for understanding. This legend began in Japan. According to it, one Japanese emperor put his affairs above his relationship with his beloved. Naturally, the girl could not help but be offended by such neglect. And then the emperor gave her a bouquet of blue hydrangeas to demonstrate his regret at his own short-sightedness. Also, with this bouquet, he expressed that he still loves her and hopes for a speedy reconciliation.

If your addressee knows this legend, the best way to apologize is to send a bouquet of blue hydrangeas. This gesture will say more than dozens of words of apology.

Roses are for the most romantic apologies

If you offended your girlfriend or wife, the best way to apologize to her would be a large and lush bouquet of roses. Show her how sorry you are for the misunderstanding that happened and how you want your relationship to return to normal again. Red roses will emphasize that you love her very much.

White orchids — the best I’m Sorry flowers for him

Orchids in Asian tradition are considered a symbol of strength and masculinity and therefore are best suited as I'm Sorry flowers to send to a man. The white color of orchids will emphasize the sincerity of your apology and your openness to further dialogue.

Flowers of blue and blue shades — a symbol of calmness

In psychology, shades of blue are considered the most calming and relaxing. Therefore, a bouquet in cool blue tones will be an excellent option to apologize for misbehavior and offer to cool down and calmly discuss everything.

White flowers are a symbol of peace and sincerity

White flowers symbolize sincerity and peaceful intentions. If you have a conflict with someone and want to apologize for your behavior, pay special attention to the white color. The type of flowers is not so important. It can be white tulips, roses, orchids, peonies. The main thing is the color that demonstrates your sincerity.

Yellow flowers — transition to a positive wave

Yellow flowers in Asia are perceived as happy flowers. If you want to use your I'm Sorry flowers gift to say that you regret the misunderstanding and want to return to positive communication again, choose flowers in yellow tones. Yellow roses, tulips, gerberas will be the best option.

Avoid red flowers unless it is a flower arrangement for the woman you love. The red color will be appropriate only in this case. And, of course, the best red apology flowers are roses.

Now that you have a better idea of ​​what kind of flowers say I'm Sorry, it will be easier for you to make peace with the one you have offended. Do not forget that it would be nice to write a note and attach, for example, a chocolate gift in addition to fresh flowers. And if your mistake was grave, it is better to immediately collect gift baskets with beautiful flowers, sweet surprises, and other signs of attention.

Don't be discouraged if something goes wrong. The one who does nothing makes no mistakes. The main thing is that you have realized this mistake and are ready to take responsibility for it. And we will help you by delivering a beautiful, lush, and talking bouquet in time.