Top 10 most romantic flowers

A romantic bouquet is a sublime and noble way to express feelings to the lady of your heart. Lovely unpretentious daisies or passionate scarlet roses — flowers will always be appropriate. They will bring many pleasant minutes to the recipient. Giving compositions for no reason has become a fashionable trend because a gentleman always remains a gentleman, not only on specific calendar days. Reasons for presenting a romantic bouquet can be found throughout the year.

In those days, when the tradition of gifting flower arrangements was occurring, with the help of the language of flowers, it was possible to express the whole gamut of feelings. Strict flower etiquette made it possible for lovers to exchange signs of attention without arousing suspicion in society. Today's "flower rules" are much simpler, and the look of a romantic bouquet can be completely different.

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Top 1: The most romantic flowers

The undisputed queen of all flowers, appropriate in any bouquet, is considered a beautiful rose. A wide variety of shades and types of this incomparable flower allows you to create many colorful, unforgettable compositions.
·       Red roses — a symbol of passion and desire, sincere love.
·       White rose symbolizes love, harmony, purity, innocence, fidelity.
·       Scarlet rose — a symbol of romantic love and passion.
·       Yellow rose — friendship, happiness, joy, this is a flower expresses the most positive emotions.
·       Burgundy rose — an intense feeling of love, violent passion, and admiration.
·       Pale pink rose — tenderness.
·       Coral rose — desire, passion.
·       Blue rose — mystery, the achievement of the impossible.
·       Red and white roses in one bouquet — unity.
·       Red and yellow roses — congratulations.
·       Yellow and orange roses — passion.

The combination of a fragrant rose and a graceful orchid looks incredibly elegant. Delicate petals of luxurious orchid flowers look like a work of art, complementing and shading the grace of rosebuds. The unusual shape of the flowers allows the orchid to be used to build complex multi-tiered compositions, giving an elegant chic to even the simplest bouquet.

What about romantic flowers other than roses?

Although roses are undoubtedly favorite among romantic flowers for her, you do not have to order bouquets only of them. Other beautiful flowers are great for expressing romantic feelings.

Another favorite among flowers for creating romantic bouquets is the proud aristocratic lily. This flower is beautiful in combination with roses, freesias, and orchids and on its own. Snow-white fragrant lilies have long been considered a symbol of purity and innocence, embodying harmony and tranquility.

With the help of lilies, you can convey a range of messages, depending on their type and color. However, the general idea is innocence, strength, majesty, beauty, faith, wisdom, pride, and knighthood.

The persistence of these fantastic flowers allows us at Floral Dreams to create compositions that can stay fresh for up to two weeks. And, of course, give joy and enjoyment of a divine aroma for as long as possible. Complementing our compositions are decorative greenery, which effectively contrasts with lemon, white or red lilies, creating unique color combinations.

Orchid is no less beautiful in romantic bouquets. It means beauty, perfection, sophistication, love, tenderness, intimacy. It is customary to give an orchid only to loved ones. A beautiful orchid is a symbol of harmony, an emblem of spiritual perfection, and fertility.

These flowers have long been a symbol of love. They will be especially appropriate in romantic flowers for your girlfriend, which you give at the moment of recognition of a strong feeling. Orchids are aristocratic, sophisticated, delicate flowers. They embody all the best features of girls: dreaminess, passion, charm, fidelity, affection, understanding.

A tulip is a declaration of love. The tulip symbolizes ideal love: sensual, mutual, serene. The yellow tulip seems to tell the recipient that the sun is shining in her smile. A pink tulip is a promise of eternal love. Variegated tulips speak of the beautiful eyes of the recipient.

Several particular types among the flowers change their meaning depending on the color. Carnation is passion, first love, charm, fidelity, purity. The pink color of the carnation gives the sense of motherly love. Purple carnation — willfulness, unpredictability. Red carnation — admiration, pride, charm. White carnation — innocence, tenderness, and purity.

The next in the TOP 10 most favorite colors of girls can be called chamomile. These plants give a good mood and bring back memories of childhood. Chamomiles are liked by all the fair sex, without exception, because they resemble little suns, symbolizing youth, innocence, naivety, purity of thoughts and intentions, fidelity in love.

Other charming romantic flowers are peonies. They are given to the fair sex of any age, and the main thing is to choose a bouquet by the rules of floral etiquette. Red flowers will suit a mature lady. They are good as romantic flowers for a wife, with whom you have lived together for many years but still retained love, tenderness, and romance. Light pink and cream are suitable as a present for a young girl. White peonies are a significant element of a bouquet on the occasion of a marriage proposal.
Peonies symbolize a successful marriage. Their bright color and delicate smell, which is said to resemble the scent of a thousand roses, will make your beloved's heart beat faster.

Delicate hydrangeas are flowers of incredible beauty that will impress any girl. You can present them individually and as a luxurious floral arrangement combined with roses, orchids, or lilies.

Cheerful gerberas are graceful and beautiful flowers that cheer you up and charge you with cheerfulness and positivity. The gerberas presented to the girl speak of modesty and hidden feelings, reminding her of a pleasant meeting and an unforgettable time.

A bouquet with arum lilies looks especially festive thanks to large white flowers with a delicate texture and subtle, hidden color accents. Arum lilies are considered exquisite flowers, and they create a romantic mood with their help. They symbolize beauty balance. Also, in the language of flowers, they express the highest degree of admiration, respect, admiration.

Romantic flowers for him

We reviewed the top 10 most romantic flowers you can give a girl. And how about preparing a surprise and sharing a romantic floral bouquet with your beloved man? What flowers will suit it?
·       Roses of dark colors — burgundy, dark red — or pure white. These colors are well suited for a men's bouquet.
·       Gladiolus — gladiator flower, named after leaves that resemble swords. Its meaning is the recognition of sincerity, constancy, love at first sight.
·       Pure white arum lilies — they emphasize the purity of your feelings and their openness.
·       Peonies symbolize the family hearth, warmth, and comfort. They are perfect for a gift to your beloved husband.

One of the critical points associated with men's bouquets is a minimum of unnecessary decor. At Floral Dreams, we create floral arrangements that have nothing extra. Their packaging is simple. After all, the essential thing in a bouquet is the flowers themselves.

Therefore, bouquets from our store are well suited for both women and men. Choose the best for your loved ones, and we will deliver your order as soon as possible.