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Best wedding bouquets in Singapore

The tradition of surrounding a wedding ceremony with flowers dates back to Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Then they believed that plants could protect newlyweds from the envy of evil spirits, to bring joy, fertility, and success into their future life together.

Although wedding ceremonies have undergone various changes in many ways, the flowers at the wedding have not lost their relevance. Flower arrangements adorn the hall walls, wedding arches, pews, tables, and chairs in restaurants. A miniature bouquet is used for a bridal car. Flowers are worn in buttonholes of corsages by the groom, parents, and groom friends. Little guests decorate their hairstyles with headbands and ribbons with flowers. And of course, in the center of all this floral splendor, the main highlight is His Majesty Hand Bridal Bouquet.

The importance of hand bouquet wedding

The bride's bouquet is a floral arrangement she holds in her hands, starting from her way to the altar and ending with the very moment when the bouquet is thrown to the bridesmaids at the end of the evening.

You can hardly overestimate the importance of the bride's bouquet. Most of the time, all eyes on the wedding day are directed towards the bride. Therefore, everything should be perfect in her appearance, every detail — dress, makeup, shoes, hairstyle, all accessories — especially such large accessories as a bouquet. Since the bride is holding it in her arms, it is always in sight. The guests' gazes constantly return to it.

Therefore, the bridal bouquet must be executed impeccably — and maintain this impeccability throughout the day.

A wedding bouquet is an accessory that adds grace, elegance, and femininity to the overall image. The overall look of the bride's bouquet should correspond to several parameters. It should be in proportion to the bride's figure, hairstyle, dress. The bouquet should be correctly selected by its weight. After all, the bride has to carry it in her hands all day.

Wedding Bouquet Styles

Fortunately, there are no fundamental and rigid requirements for the styles of wedding bouquets today. The only rule that should be observed is the generality and harmony of the wedding style and all the accessories. If the bridal bouquet was made up mainly of white flowers as a symbol of purity and innocence, today, the color scheme can be any. For example, you can match the color of a flower arrangement to a wedding dress.

Also, themed weddings in any style are trendy today. It can be rustic, antique, east, luxury style in the spirit of the Victorian era, and so on. In this case, the hand bouquet wedding is selected in the manner of the general format of the wedding. Flowers can be anything — roses, peonies, tulips, even sunflowers. The main thing is that the bouquet looks beautiful and harmonizes with the overall environment.

The most popular types of wedding hand bouquet in Singapore

As we have already said, today, it is impossible to single out the best wedding bouquets since there are no clear rules and restrictions. But there are still some of the most commonly used types of wedding bouquets in Singapore. We'll tell you about them — and it's up to you to use this information as a guide or, conversely, as a stop-list.

The most common flowers used in wedding bouquets in Singapore are roses, lilies, peonies, hydrangeas, and carnations.

The color range is white or pastel shades. The most popular shade is pink. It is followed by pinkish-beige or yellow bouquets, blue, and lilac.

For those who want to emphasize the luxury of the ceremony, green, blue, or dark purple flowers will be attractive — they make the most expensive wedding bouquet. This composition looks original, extravagant, and certainly luxurious.

In general, the green color is becoming one of the integral components of wedding bouquets. They are increasingly using at least three types of greenery. That gives the overall appearance of the bouquet depth and makes it textured, less artificial. In addition to various leaves, ferns, sprouts, they often began to use multiple decorative berries, including hypericum berries of all kinds of shades, brunia berries, and hanging pepper berries.

As for the popular forms of wedding bouquets, you can also see the tendency towards natural forms. Undoubtedly, bridal bouquets in the form of a ball or hemisphere are still relevant. Their undoubted advantage is their compactness, ease of wearing, and low weight. And the magical lacy foam of hydrangeas collected in a ball looks just fantastic.

At the same time, cascading bouquets and free-form wedding flower bouquets are becoming more and more popular. They are interesting in that they can combine different types of flowers, richly decorate them with foliage, additional accessories in the form of ribbons, beads, braids, etc. Free-form bouquets are exciting. They look as if the bride went out into the garden and collected the flowers she liked in one bouquet. That creates a very natural and lively look, emphasizing fresh flower wedding bouquets in front of you as if you have just plucked them.

One of the main features of free-form bouquets is using many different varieties of flowers. Five, ten, and even more types of flowers, complemented by three to five types of foliages, look luxurious, varied, and expensive. Such a bouquet will undoubtedly make a splash among the guests.

Cascade bouquets or shower bouquets went out of style for a while. But, as the current trend shows, we haven't forgotten them at all. Significantly often today, cascades of white orchids are used — long, crumbly, shining with a satin sheen of petals.

Also, cascading bouquets, where the basis is greenery, especially ivy, have become popular. And among its flowing abundance, bright flower buds are scattered in contrast.

Floral Dreams — let’s create your amazing wedding bouquets

Of course, we have a catalog of wedding bouquets — these are, instead, samples of what it can be. After all, a unique bouquet is created for each bride. This section is needed first of all to get an idea of ​​the wedding bouquet in Singapore price, depending on the types of flowers and the size of the bouquet.

Visit us and tell us the perfect wedding bouquet you want for yourself. Just be prepared because we will ask you a lot of questions. After all, our task is to create not just a beautiful bouquet. We will turn into reality the composition that best emphasizes your individuality.

  • We can voice some of the questions now.
  • What style will your wedding be?
  • Do you have any favorite flowers? Which ones?
  • What about your favorite colors? And the ones you hate?
  • What is your character?
  • What will your wedding dress be like?
  • What is the interior design of the place where the ceremony will take place?

Don't worry, it will not be difficult at all, and even very interesting, to create the best custom wedding bouquet with us. We guarantee you a great result and a great mood in the process.