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Do you want your child to feel like a creator? Are you looking for a way to help him develop fine motor skills? Do you want him to have fun and have fun?

Then welcome to our Floral Dreams workshop! Here your child will realize their creative abilities by creating an original bouquet. At the same time, he will enjoy contact with fresh flowers, leaves, herbs. He will enjoy looking at them, touching real, slightly cool leaves and petals. And, of course, he will be able to find out how fresh, barely cut flowers smell.

Why do kids love workshops at Floral Dreams?

  • They are interested
    We don't give children boring lectures on botany. We tell fascinating stories about flowers. So interesting that even our youngest students and the most restless ones listen to them with pleasure.
  • Children here fulfill their creative needs
    Every child craves to create from an early age. And most of all, children love to create with their hands — to draw, sculpt, decorate. Therefore, they are so happy to create bouquets, flower arrangements, and flowers according to their ideas of beauty and harmony.
  • We have a wide variety of fresh-cut flowers of all kinds
    It is exciting for children to sort them out, shift them, watch how some are combined with others. They are happy to inhale their scent, comparing the difference between hydrangea and baby breath flowers' scent and the difference between a rose and a peony. Many children are surprised to note that even the stems and leaves of flowers have their scent. Each minute of communication with flowers is filled with small discoveries and an endless stream of joyful sensations.
  • They get real results
    These are bouquets made by their own hands. You can take one with you, put it in a vase at home, give it to your mom, grandmother, aunt, or girlfriend. It is significant for every child — so that the theory, even if it is fascinating, must be supported by something real — that which can be touched and taken in hand.

What will your child receive in our workshop?

  • Get to know the concept of a flower arrangement and the beginnings of flower art for children. This means that he will not only make one particular bouquet in our workshop. It means that he will continue to make bouquets for some holidays. For example, find out how to make children flower for Mother's day, a friend's or your birthday. He will also help you beautifully arrange flowers in vases for the holidays.
  • He will spend time with benefit and be in a good mood. Trust me, and he will come out of our workshop happy, enthusiastic, with many new impressions and positive emotions. He will remember this day for a long time, much longer and brighter than watching another cartoon in a movie or visiting a playground.
  • New practical basic knowledge and skills. He will learn how to keep the bouquet fresh and beautiful for longer, what conditions cut flowers prefer, how to carefully remove unwanted or wilted leaves.
  • Perhaps in our workshop, he will find out his favorite baby flower. And this will make it easier for you to choose bouquets for his birthday, in honor of the end of the next school year or other essential holidays for your child.

What kind of kids will love our workshop?

As our experience shows, already at the age of 8 years, a child with pleasure and interest makes simple flower arrangements, gets acquainted with the peculiarities of flowers and their care. This interest persists even further, by the age of 10 and even towards adolescence. Therefore, children from 8 years old can participate in our masterclasses — of course, accompanied by adults for safety reasons.

The beauty of the flower arrangement is equally capable of being imbued with both girls and boys. Moreover, flower art can be even more helpful for boys. So that later they could rely on the advice of the florist and have their own opinion about which bouquets to bring to their beloved ones and how to arrange them correctly.

It is especially interesting here for children with creative inclinations. They immediately pick up the idea of ​​how interesting it is to combine different flowers, to mix different shades. At the same time, if your child does not particularly like drawing, sculpting, or engaging in other applied creativity, it is not a big problem. In our workshop, he may discover all the pleasure of creating something new, previously unheard of, with his own hands.

Give pleasure not only to your child but also to yourself. Come to our workshops for adults — Flower Box and Flower Basket Workshops. Discover a new, collaborative family hobby that will bring you closer to your child and allow you to spend time together in creative pursuits.

What You'll Get
We are trying our best to make the process of hand-making pleasant, comfort and memorable.
  • Quality
    Your floral arrangement will stay fresh more than 7 days
  • Natural components
    We work only with fresh cut flowers.
  • Florist's Support
    Professional help and training from our florist.
  • Cozy studio
    We hope that in our nice, creative and comfortable you will be pleased
  • Coffee break with sweets
    We provide some snacks, drinks. Feel free for relaxing and feeling at home.
  • Free glass of wine for adults
    We care about our clients’ joy. Be happy and have a good time!
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