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International Women’s Day flowers

Many of us perceive International Women's Day in different ways. It is a historic event for some — when the female gender began to receive rights equal to the male. It is simply a symbol of femininity, beauty, spring, and prosperity for others. In any case, for almost everyone, March 8th becomes an occasion to please their loved ones — mother, grandmother, sister, lover, spouse, daughter — with a pleasant gift, a bouquet of flowers, a good mood.

Why we celebrate International Women’s Day

We in Singapore are proud of how much has been done to achieve a worthy position for women. We admire how many beautiful stars have risen in various fields of science in recent years. Our female doctors, scientists, ecologists, sociologists, economists, and other excellent specialists. And the ascent became possible because once, many years ago, the topic of gender equality was raised.

That's why International Women's Day is a celebration for the people of Singapore. Although we officially celebrate this day only once a year, we tirelessly admire all of our strong women.

Women’s Day flowers’ symbolism

Flowers have become as much a symbol of Women's Day as flags have become for national holidays or garlands for Christmas. To this day, even the most formal institutions are decorated with flowers — fresh or decorative.

Also, flowers become an integral part of Singaporeans' gifts to women in their lives.

Colors of flowers on International Women’s Day

The color of International Women's Day is often referred to as purple or violet as it symbolizes dignity and justice. It is also associated with green — a symbol of hope and white — a symbol of purity.

Therefore, if you are looking for a bouquet aged in the holiday colors, choose one in which lilac, purple, and violet flowers predominate, perhaps with the addition of white.

Otherwise, the colors values ​​are essentially unchanged:
  • light flowers on March 8 symbolize purity, innocence, sincerity, openness;
  • red flowers — a symbol of passion and hot love;
  • pink flowers display elegance and romance, restraint and tenderness;
  • yellow flowers — an indicator of care, hope, and faith;
  • peach and orange flowers on March 8 symbolize modesty and restraint;
  • dark blue and blue flowers — a display of secret, mystery.

The Best International Women’s Day flowers

International Women's Day official flower is mimosa flowers. The association of mimosa flowers with International Women's Day originated in Italy, already when the United Nations officially recognized this holiday.

The Italian Women's Union party organized Italy's first celebration of International Women's Day, called Festa Della Donna, in 1946. And on March 8, 1946, members of the Union chose mimosa as a symbol of this holiday because it represents strength, sensibility, and sensitivity. And to this day, it is a traditional gift for March 8 in Italy. Italians do not rack their brains searching for a creative bouquet and give armfuls of mimosas. Even a woman cashier in a supermarket or a post office operator can receive a sprig of mimosa from an unknown man.

Of course, this does not mean that everyone should give a mimosa on International Women's Day in all countries. After all, you probably want the gift for women in your life to be individual, chosen with interest, love, and inspiration.

The undisputed leaders of the women's holiday are tulips. They have many meanings: spirituality and harmony, power and wealth, beauty and rebirth. Pink, dark crimson, scarlet, purple, white, yellow, two-tone tulips are traditional March 8 flowers. Tulips have many yellow varieties, so it is easy to assemble a colorful, sunny spring composition. Red-yellow-white combinations look fun and playful, while white-yellow and pink-yellow look gentle in spring.

Not a single holiday is complete without roses, especially those dedicated to women. Give your mother and grandmother a bouquet of pink varieties, colleagues, or a teacher — a colorful mix of orange buds, a sweetheart — a composition of delicate pastel shades or juicy red roses.

In general, when choosing flowers for March 8, you need to consider who the bouquet will be presented to. You can give a bouquet to a loved one or a friend with whom you want to maintain friendly relations without any hints. The following tips will help you make the right choice:
·       roses, orchids, tulips will be an excellent gift for your beloved;
·       for mother or grandmother — gerberas, asters, peonies;
·       for a colleague or girlfriend — daisies, hydrangeas, sunflowers;
·       for the sister — carnations, lilies, chamomile.

As you can see, almost any flowers will be appropriate on this day. Based on your personal preferences and tastes of the addressee — and you will not lose.

Contact us at Floral Dreams. We will create beautiful, stylish, elegant bouquets for women in your life that will fully reflect your respect for them, your sincere affection, and your gratitude. With our flower shop, you can ensure that your recipients will receive the freshest bouquets and baskets delivered on time.