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  • Flower CNY bouquet
  • CNY Mandarin Gift Box (12 -14 pcs)
  • New Moon Abalone Gift Box (2 pcs per box)

Chinese New Year
flowers in Singapore

Chinese New Year — or Lunar New Year — is not just a holiday and a simple calendar day. It is the time when all loved ones come together. After all, this is how, in the circle of the most important people for you, you need to proclaim the happiness and prosperity that await us in the coming year.

And, of course, you need to do this in a house decorated not just with beautiful things but with the correct symbolic ones. These are symbols of prosperity, good luck, health, unity. That is why it is so important to choose the right Chinese New Year flower arrangement for home decoration.

Chinese New Year flower delivery in Singapore

The world tirelessly opens before us more and more new horizons. And it, no doubt, is excellent because development is precisely what each of us is looking for. And at the same time, we sometimes find ourselves in a situation where we cannot get together with loved ones to celebrate the holiday together in the family circle.

But do not be upset! After all, today, you can send your hugs, your good wishes to all your relatives and friends with the help of the Chinese New Year flower delivery in Singapore. It's so convenient and straightforward — you seem to be present at every feast of all your aunts, grandmothers, and other relatives. You can send them beautiful Chinese New Year flower bouquets, with which they will decorate their homes for the holiday.

Moreover, bouquets can also be sent to your colleagues, well-respected acquaintances, just essential people for you with whom you are not related. They will be pleased to know that you are thinking of them during the holidays and make sure that their mood is filled with joy and fun.

TOP Chinese New Year flower in Singapore

Choose for Chinese New Year flower decoration those plants that symbolize good fortune, wealth, and prosperity in Singapore. The best color scheme is red with gold. Both orange and yellow flowers and framing — gold ribbons, beads, coins, vases, boxes can act as gold.
The most important floral symbol of good luck for CNY. Unlike ordinary bamboo stems, you can buy Lucky Bamboo in fancy twisted shapes — curls, spirals, figure eights at the Chinese New Year flower market. It is believed that this plant brings great luck throughout the coming lunar year.

In compositions, bamboo is complemented by red, orange, and yellow flowers. They can be red peonies, yellow-orange orchids, and other bright flowers. Bamboo is also decorated with red and orange tassels, gold coins, and beads — everything that emphasizes the symbolism of this plant and enhances it.
Floral Dreams is a place where you can pick up the most beautiful, most worthy compositions that will create a truly festive atmosphere. And let only the best aspects of life open up for you in the New Year with our bouquets. Happiness to you and your loved ones, prosperity and wealth, health, and good luck in all matters!

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