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Flowers & Mooncakes "the Moon story"

Fresh flowers and mooncakes in a gift box.
4 mooncakes in the box.
ALCOHOL / NON-ALCOHOL options are available.

Non - alcohol set contains a mix of the following flavours:
  • Black Sesame Snow Skin Mooncakes 
  • Ondeh Ondeh Snow Skin Mooncakes 
  • Classic white lotus Snow Skin Mooncakes

Alcohol set contains a mix of the following flavours:

  • Black Sesame Snow Skin Mooncake 
  • Ondeh Ondeh Snow Skin Mooncakes 
  • Rum Snow Skin Mooncake 
  • Lychee Snow Skin Mooncake


*The displayed image is for reference only. The individual arrangement is an exclusive handcrafted design. We use only the freshest seasonal flowers for it. The final product may not exactly match the picture.
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