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We are glad to welcome you to this page of our florist shop. As you can see, our catalog is very large and varied. Therefore, we are sure that you will find a bouquet of your choice here. It is very easy to choose it in our catalog even for a person who has visited a flower bouquet shop for the first time and made an online order. To do this, you just need to flip through the photos of the bouquets until your eyes catch on to something interesting.

For those buyers who are more sophisticated in the choice of bouquets and already comprehend the language of flowers, we recommend that you look at the descriptions of the compositions to find out what flowers are included in them. We even have mono-bouquets — they consist of only one type of flower.

Secrets of Flower language
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If you have a poor idea of ​​which bouquet will be appropriate in a particular case, we recommend that you at least superficially get acquainted with the language of flowers. This science is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

  • Sunflower
    In the language of flowers, a sunflower symbolizes a positive attitude, optimism, a bold look into the future, good luck, resilience, and general well-being.

    Sunflower bouquets are well suited as a manifestation of friendship, positive but not romantic affection, platonic love. You can buy it in the florist flower shop for your sister, friend, colleague. They are well suited as a gift for graduates. So, a bouquet with sunflowers will be a pleasant present for raising the mood of a person of any gender who is on sick leave.
  • Gerberas
    Perky and cheerful gerberas are flowers that symbolize a good mood, smile, coquetry, and even flirtation. When ordering gerberas in a bouquet shop in Singapore, be careful — the more intense the bright red color of their petals, the more ardent feelings they reflect. So, light pink gerberas are quite neutral, and bright red ones can be mistaken for a proposal for a romantic relationship.
  • Tulips
    The tulip is a holiday flower. Presenting a bouquet with tulips is like wishing you a good mood, well-being, prosperity. Therefore, tulips are universal. They can be relevant on any occasion. If you want to gratitude someone, give a heartwarming gift, and, of course, if you want to declare your love.
  • Peonies
    Peonies are attributed to the symbolism of energy, endurance, resilience. It would be appropriate to present a bouquet with peonies to anyone you want to cheer, wish good luck in business, and prosperity.
  • Hydrangeas
    Sincerity, modesty, tenderness, hope - such a complex symbolism is fraught with hydrangeas. A bouquet with them will be the best choice when you do not want to make unnecessarily lush gifts that seem to oblige the addressee with something. An encouraging smile, a modest present from the heart — that's what a bouquet of hydrangeas is.
  • Orchids
    Orchids are luxury, nobility, and prosperity. In addition, orchids are traditionally considered male flowers. Therefore, if you are looking for a bouquet for a boss, a male colleague, a teacher, then orchids will be the most successful choice. They can also be presented to a businessman as a wish of business success — a flower bouquet for shop opening when buying a new office or expanding a business.
  • Roses
    Everyone will say that roses are the most romantic flower. But it would be a shame if these truly beautiful, delicate, and fragrant flowers were given only to beloved ones. Therefore, roses are only a symbol of romance.

    The most passionate roses are red. Intense scarlet color is a symbol of a kiss, declaration of love, attraction. At the same time, you can look into the florist flower shop for red roses for a gift for an adult, mature, successful woman. Especially if you are female — such a present will not be perceived in two ways.

    Pink shades are tenderness, sincere affection, a smile. Light varieties will be perfect for a bouquet on a first date. You can also pamper your beloved sister with a bouquet of light pink roses. Darker pink roses are perfect as a gift for a mom or even an older colleague.

    White roses in modern reading are wedding flowers. But they can also be used as an element in bouquets of roses of different shades. White symbolizes purity and openness.

    Roses of yellow, orange, and peach shades are a manifestation of the donor's non-standard taste. They will be the best present for a public person, especially if he is associated with art. If you are attending theaters, presentations, or other similar events, a bouquet of these roses would be an excellent choice.

Beautiful bouquets and fast delivery

  • Ordering flowers online, buyers are interested not only in the beauty of the bouquets and the symbolism of the compositions. Naturally, the speed of delivery of flowers to the addressee becomes a very important criterion.

    Many people tend to prefer the nearest florist shop. It sounds logical — the less time it takes for delivery, the faster the bouquet will be in place.

    But in fact, the florist shop does not hold all the bouquets presented on the site pages. And a significant part of the time is occupied by the collection of the composition. Therefore, when you think — if I choose a flower bouquet shop near me or my girlfriend and the bouquet is delivered almost instantly, you are mistaken. If a professional works in the store, he can make a beautiful bouquet faster than it would be delivered to you from a neighboring house. And the bouquet will be fresh, harmonious, elegant.

    Therefore, if you are interested in the punctuality of delivery, give preference to how competent professionals will work with your bouquet.