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About flower bouquet meaning

The language of flowers was born in the East. It keeps secrets not only about the meaning of this or that flower. In the oriental language of flowers, the composition's general sense also matters — how some flowers are combined with others, what color they are, then what blooms in the bouquet are more. Also, the flower bouquet meaning was influenced by whether there are leaves among the flowers. In addition, the importance of some colors could vary from season to season.

For those interested in familiarizing themselves with the intricacies of the language of flowers in Singapore, we will tell you the basics of this flower alphabet. We hope this will help you better navigate the variety of bouquets our florist shop offers. In addition to traditional meanings, some flowers have acquired more modern ones — we will also talk about this.

Choosing a bouquet by color

White flowers embody elegance, grace, tenderness, and purity. The most delicate bouquet of white hydrangeas is perfect for a gift to a very young girl. And white peony is versatile enough that a composition made from it will suit almost any addressee.

  • Red
    Red flowers are a strong accent. It doesn't matter red roses or red peony — a bouquet with such flowers will never go unnoticed. In the Asian tradition, such bouquets are given to wish for prosperity and success. In Europe, they are often referred to as romantic bouquets.
  • Beige
    Flowers in beige tones, such as tea roses, are also universal. These bouquets can be presented to anyone and for any reason.
  • Pink
    The pink color of the bouquet is the most versatile. You can express gratitude, affection, friendship. At the same time, pink hydrangeas, gathered in a bouquet in the shape of a heart, are a charming declaration of love. But pink peonies are suitable for a gift not only to loved ones but also to colleagues.
  • Purple
    According to European tradition, bouquets with bright purple flowers are most often interpreted as a symbol of wealth and luxury. Indeed, even now, you cannot buy a bouquet with purple flowers in every store in Singapore.
  • Yellow
    Yellow flowers, such as yellow tulips or sunflowers, symbolize sunlight and its benefits. The exact meaning applies to orange colors, which are wealthy.
  • Light lilac
    Light lilac flowers like hydrangeas or peonies work well as a gift for people older than you. The lilac color in the bouquet symbolizes respect, gratitude, platonic admiration.
  • Blue
    A bouquet in blue tones would be appropriate to present to both a woman and a man. It symbolizes calm energy and activity.
  • Whether or not to follow the subtleties of the language of flowers is up to you. You can choose flowers according to your taste, according to your preference. You can buy a bouquet just based on its color scheme. But if your case requires adherence to traditions and protocol, and you do not understand what this or that flower means, it is better to contact an experienced florist. He will help you create the right and appropriate bouquet.